Too much swag

This website is a collection of all my theories in life which I will share with the masses. If you have any objections to my theories, I don’t care because I’m probably right and you are wrong. I’m basing this off experience and people’s tendency to agree with the mainstream ideas instead of actually analyzing it using an objective method which I use. If you disagree, you are only allowed to post on my website if you bring up hard facts and not anecdotal evidence or I will delete your post.

And if you’re wondering why all the pictures have proof written all over them, it’s because it symbolizes how I roll. I only look at logical proof when analyzing ideas.

Disclaimer: Articles written under the section of the “Study of Brocology” in no way represent my (Uzair Ahmed) views in any form. They are written with a satirical undertone by another author who has been allowed to use my domain for his articles. I do not filter out what he/she says because of my determined desire to uphold the Canadian Charter of Rights, especially regarding freedom of speech. Hell, 60% of the site is a joke and written to offend so if you haven’t figured that out by now…