Little Bitch Syndrome: Why Political Correctness Exists

As kids we were taught some really important life lessons in the forms of nursery rhymes like:

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never make me cry like a little bitch.”

Don't be a cry baby!

It’s just too bad that some of us were terrible at school and never really understood what that meant and thus continue to cry like babies when someone says something we don’t like to hear.

That’s right; I’m talking about those easily offended people in society that have literally ruined free speech.

They make a small minority; I’m going to guess 1 in 6 suffer from severely impaired emotional control.

These little bitches can’t control themselves from overreacting to anything or everything.  In an effort to keep them happy, we, as a society have coined the term “politically correct” which directly translates to “cater to the little babies emotions.”

These few people are the reason why we can’t talk about emotionally charged yet fun and interesting topics like religion, politics, sex or racism freely. It’s the reason why boring and forgettable small talk and carefully orchestrated responses exist; all because of this certain segment of the population who can’t control their emotions.

Today, I’m going to dissect these creatures’ personalities and try to get to the root of their problem. This will be part 1 of a series of posts regarding this topic and with the ultimate goal of educating as many people as possible that we shouldn’t have to cater to this annoying minority.

1)      They are Conformers

A common trait of those with thin skin is that they like to play by the rules and not challenge the system. They are easily controlled and aren’t going to be the ones to challenge the norm because they can’t handle the backlash.

Everything is cool and dandy with these people as long as you don’t say something that goes against what “society” or they themselves deem acceptable. If I make a joke about lawyers that’s cool, but may God have mercy on my soul if I make a joke about homosexuals.

They grew up to a set of rules and they stick to it like super glue; there is no room for bending let alone directly challenge these rules.

2)      They are Egotistical

Another trait that’s common among those that are easily offended is they are egotistical maniacs. They think the world revolves around them and they are always the centre of attention. If someone says anything about anything; somehow these egotistical maniacs make it to be directly or indirectly about them.

Newsflash superstar: It’s not.

This egotistical behavior also makes them manipulative. Since they think the world revolves around them, everyone should bend over backwards to make them happy.

Otherwise, they will emotionally blackmail you, threaten to ruin your career or just get annoyingly angry to control what you say so it’s in accordance with their liking.

How many times have you made a joke that unintentionally offended someone who went on some overdramatic emotional rant and made you feel terrible human being?

Never happened to me because I don’t care, but I’m sure it has happened to other people.

3)      They Lack Self Control

One of the most important life lessons that parents should teach their children is the importance of self-control. Lack of self-control has caused more problems in society than literally anything else; from alcoholism to drug addiction and from failing at life to being little bitches.

The reason why people get easily offended is because they lack emotional self-control; when someone says something that is offensive, the majority of the population is able to ignore it or play it off.

Not these little bitches; combined with their egotistical nature and uncontrollable emotions, they HAVE to lash out.

They HAVE to write a letter to the editor talking about their personal feelings and how offended they feel.

They HAVE to tell HR and your boss how they offended they are by your comment- which was not even directed at them – but they overheard it.

They HAVE to go on their Facebook account and voice their feelings to the world and show their uncontrollable rage because someone made a rape or women suffrage joke.

Now as the large majority of people who aren’t little bitches; we should understand that this is the little bitches’ very nature. They overreact emotionally to everything, but the worst thing we can do is give them the attention they are desperately craving to fulfill their narcissistic tendencies.

Instead, we should treat them as the little children they are and ignore their tantrums so they know that kind of behaviour won’t fly.

It’s too bad we don’t.

With my tipping article, there were a lot of people who were ready to debate me and I welcomed all of it. Except when they got emotional and stopped thinking rationally; I didn’t engage with those people and ignored them. They don’t deserve my attention and sure as hell don’t deserve yours.

It’s time we start calling these manipulative and egotistical maniacs on their bullshit. They should understand that the world doesn’t revolve around them and as a society we can’t cater to their childish behaviour.

If they won’t learn to control themselves, then we should force them by leaving them with no choice but to.

In the next installment of this series; I will discuss in detail exactly what it is that offends this hyper sensitive class of humans.

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