Why Tipping 20% Automatically is Stupid and Will be The Downfall of Our Society

On Friday night, it was my turn to buy the round of drinks for the table and when it came time to pay I tipped $2.00 for a $21.00 bill which I think is fair. She literally didn’t do anything except get me 3 drinks; she was lucky I even paid her to do that.

Then my idiotic friend who is currently in the process of learning how to be a human makes a big deal about how little I was tipping in front of the waitress that absolutely blew my mind.

Who the hell are you to tell me how to spend my money? More importantly who are the hell are you and rest of the “society” to tell me how much to tip?

And if I don’t tip I’m called “cheap.”

This is essentially the work of service people in North America that bully the population to pay their wages.

It’s the responsibility of the employer to pay you to do your job, not mine. It’s like that for every other industry and I don’t care that you guys have chosen to exempt yourself from that model.

When someone provides excellent service I do tip them what I personally deem to be fair, but to automatically tip someone because they are doing their minimum wage job is just absurd.

Today I’m going to argue my side of the story why I don’t feel the need to tip whatever arbitrary number that those who work in the service industry choose to tell society is fair.

Servers and Bartenders have a hard job and live off your tips

Okay, that’s really nice but I don’t really care if your job is hard. Plenty of jobs are hard and get way less, plus no one is forcing you to be a server of all the things.

When you hear servers complain its stuff like



“Oh eem gee I have to serve people their food and pick up after them and run around all day especially when it’s busy.”

These complaints really pull my heart strings. They really do. Such a difficult life these people have to deal with.

Never mind the fact there are people working jobs that are much worse, even in the same restaurant. Look at the dishwasher in the back or the janitor who has to clean the place up. Even those who work at McDonalds at 2 AM and getting harassed by drunken fools have it way worse.

These minions in the service industry are the most self-entitled people I know. They have an unskilled job that requires zero training or education so they get paid accordingly. When I was working at Starbucks and making minimum wage I didn’t sit there to complain and shame people into tipping me for making their coffee.

No. I quit and got another job that paid $2 more and got an education that provided a good return on my investment.

Then I got a job cleaning cars to pay for school. I was busting my ass for $11 an hour cleaning cars and looking like this on my good days:

Nothing but swag

If you think you’re worth more than what you’re getting paid you have options. No one is holding a gun to you and telling you to be a server or a bartender if you feel like your compensation options are not right.

In case you don’t know let me go over your options:

1)      Get another job

2)      Develop a skill and freelance

3)      Find another employer

4)      Go to school for an in demand trade, diploma or degree

5)      If you need money to pay for school get a scholarship

6)      Learn how to Start a Business in 7 Days by yours truly

If the above options don’t work for you then that’s fine, suck it up and do whatever job you have but don’t expect others to pick up your employers slack; especially if you’re only average at what you do.

You made your bed, now sleep on it.

You have to “cash out” at the end of your shift

There is no legal rule that says you have to do this and if the establishment that you work at makes you do this then go work somewhere else.

This rule is also dumb because the employer should be required to pay the right amount for all its employees like every other employer does. It’s not my job as the customer to feel pressured to pay your employees when I’m already paying for my overpriced drinks or food.

The government automatically taxes our tips

This argument is not as strong as it looks on paper. It’s well known that those who work in the service industry never declare their actual income from tips.


So if anything servers are taking money from us and not paying taxes on it therefore not paying their fair share of society’s costs. I wonder what would happen if I tried that…

You’re just a cheap ass if you don’t tip

Insulting others is what people who have no real basis for their argument do. It’s petty and makes everything you have to say after that invalid.

Like I said earlier who are you to call me cheap because I don’t want to spend my money on things that I don’t deem worthy?

People who know me know that I never hesitate on spending hundreds of dollars per night on lavish hotels, or a dress shirt. On top of that, I spend money on cars that are impractical by all means; things that “cheap” people normally don’t do.

I choose to spend freely on things that I want and cut relentlessly on things I don’t care about and automatically tipping a server for making a drink which I already paid for is one of those things.

That money goes into things that are more beneficial to the world like www.unitedprosperity.com; charitable organizations that help people trying to help themselves.

This culture of tipping in North America; fueled by social pressure and the threat of “spitting in my food” or severely lowering the quality of your work is nothing more than glorified extortion. Actually it’s more like being an entitled beggar.

Why can’t we adopt the mentality of the rest of the world where it’s actually offensive to tip your server like you’re better than them and need your charity? That way people can walk into an establishment and not be automatically judged based on their ethnicity or age as good tippers or not.

Servers should get paid $15/hr, maybe $20 an hour if they’re good and the prices of food should go up by a couple bucks to make up for it – like every other establishment I go to. I don’t like to be the one forced to pay their wages.

Final note: I always tip when I eat out. But I only tip what I feel like regardless of some arbitrary percent. I don’t see a reason to tip more because I ordered a $50 steak versus a $10 appetizer; the amount of work you did is the same. My tips are usually around $5 for my hair dresser, cab driver, server and more for the pizza boy or the Skip the Dishes guy because they had to go through so much more.

Bartenders though get nothing or $1 – I think that’s the biggest sham in the service industry.

If servers want to make real money they should do something more valuable like start their own business where you have to pay taxes to society and create jobs.

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